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Greater Atlanta Water Safety Alliance (GAWSA)

In March 2012, Craig Sears established the Greater Atlanta Water Safety Alliance, a nonprofit linked to the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, aiming to combat drowning, raise awareness, and promote swimming’s personal and community benefits.

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US Drowning Statistics

In the US, an average of 3,500 to 4,000 people drown per year

Childhood Drownings
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Almost 70% of childhood drownings happen during non-swim times

Child Drownings
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88% of child drownings occur with at least 1 adult present


Did you know?

The “Edna Mae McGovern Act” passed in 2023 requires each Georgia public school to provide parents or students over 18 years of age with information on water safety education. At the beginning of each school year, the school should provide information to promote safety in, on, and around bodies of water.

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Our Partners

By partnering with us or donating, you are taking part in providing children and adults with life-saving skills and safety lesson for the water. 

Our Mission

The Greater Atlanta Water Safety Alliance offers hands-on and engaging water safety seminars tailored for various community groups. These seminars cover drowning prevention, injury case studies, risk management, and more. Aligned with the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, supported by Sears Pool Management Consultants, Inc., we are a movement reshaping the water safety landscape.

Join us in the water safety adventure! Let’s make a splash and protect our loved ones together. To bring life-saving seminars to your community, workplace, worship center, or school,  get in contact with us.  Get ready to make waves with the Greater Atlanta Water Safety Alliance!

Reduce the incidence of drowning as a leading cause of accidental childhood death.

Reduce the exposure and transmission of Recreational Water Illnesses.

Increase the popularity of recreational swimming.

Advocate swim lessons, learn to swim programs, and the sport of competitive swimming.


About Water Safety

Things to know about water safety


Craig Sears

Craig, originally from Atlanta, developed a deep passion for swimming from a young age, dedicating years to excel in competitive swimming. He obtained a Biology degree from Washington and Lee University, enhancing his understanding of aquatic environments. Driven by a vision to improve pool facilities, he pursued an MBA in Management at Georgia State University. His journey in the aquatics industry included various roles, from lifeguard and swim coach to pool manager and even bartending. These experiences culminated in the establishment of Sears Pool Management in 1997, showcasing his multifaceted expertise and commitment to transforming aquatic facilities.

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Swim Scholarships

Each year we provide our swim scholars with the gear they’ll need to always be ready for the water.

We are partners with

The SwemKids is a nonprofit school-based program that teaches children introductory swimming lessons and water safety skills as a part of their school’s curriculum. This model ensures that children are exposed to the water early and gain important life-saving skills to make sure they are safe while having fun!

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By partnering with us or donating, you are taking part in providing children and adults with life-saving skills and safety lesson for the water. 

Community Involvement

Some Of Our Events


Signing of the Edna Mae McGovern Act

Senator Still is introducing the Edna Mae McGovern Act, mandating water safety education for parents of students under 18 in public schools. Georgia marked National Water Safety Month in May with Governor Brian Kemp’s proclamation.


World's Largest Swimming Lesson

The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson™ brings together tens of thousands of individuals from hundreds of communities around the globe who all participate in the same lesson on June 22nd to raise awareness about drowning and the fact that swimming is a vital life-saving skill that every child should learn.


Water Safety Festival

This event aims to promote awareness and the importance of water safety while fostering community connection through various activities.


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