Water Safety Festival

About the event

This event aimed to promote awareness and the importance of water safety while fostering community connection through various activities. Pastor Walter Green initiated the program by introducing Mayor Pro Tem Jacqueline Elaine Bridges. The Mayor’s welcome remarks were followed by a special greeting from Craig Sears of the Greater Atlanta Water Safety Alliance and a video presentation.
Thaddeus Gamory, Founder of Mind Body Aquatics, led activities that included acknowledging the territory and advocating for water safety. Emphasizing the significance of having “Water Safety on My Mind,” participants engaged in breathing and movement exercises to strengthen connections and community bonds. Additionally, Cathleen Dean’s Emmy Award-winning film “Wade in the Water” and the trailer for “Water is Our Medicine” were presented. Water breakout groups were organized for discussions and check-ins.
The first half of the program concluded with participants changing into swimwear. Subsequently, in-water group sessions were conducted to evaluate the film and address the reasons for attendance. Water safety demonstrations and exercises followed, along with activities like treading water, underwater fun, and extreme relaxation.

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